Brushmiles started out as an impossible dream. What if we were able to hike the entirety of the John Muir Trail while painting plein air along the way? This is what we contemplated over dinner one night. The idea was exciting but seemed unattainable due to obligations in life. After that night we were forced into admitting something: art had fallen out of our lives. This realization sealed the deal on the trip. We decided we needed to get out of our comfort zones, and what better way than to go for our crazy idea we liked to joke about. We were going to hike the John Muir trail, and we were bringing our paints. That resolve was tested many times between then and the day we set foot on the trail, as there seemed to be so many obstacles: scheduling, financing and the little problem of us having never backpacked before. We deliberated over important things like the color of our backpacks and signed up for REI classes, but everything almost ground to a halt when the financial realities became more clear. We made a last ditch effort and put our project on Kickstarter. We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to our campaign, as this wouldn’t have happened without them. Brushmiles was a term our teacher Craig Nelson would say to us, in reference to putting in the effort to paint often. To put in the miles as a painter. We thought it was an apt title for our project, as we set off on our adventure to hike and to paint. We could go on all day about the stories of our trip (anyone not hear about what happened on Glen Pass?), but in the end, with countless support from friends on and off the trail, we made it. Thank you all!